Company ARCHFELD CONSULT is able to offer wide range of services to clients from energetic industry: high-level and detail modelling of complex constructions of nuclear devices even in unique conditions of subsurface, preparation of whole requests on concession of operating of new constructions of investment energetic units. This wide knowledge and experience differentiate the company ARCHFELD CONSULT from most other consulting companies. Our customers from energetics appreciate spectrum of branches accessible in one place, which makes possible to bring projects from conceptual projects to working phase. ARCHFELD CONSULT solves in cooperation with its clients projects from these areas:

Cogeneration steam- gas power plants - Local cogeneration sources with high effectivity with gas engine
- Combination of heat production in gas boiler with cogeneration, accumulation and heat pumps for high energetic effectivity and low emissions to the air
- Modernization and escalation of effectivity of heating working and boiler rooms
- Manifolds of heating distributions systems including compact delivery stations
- Control systems for unmanned service of heat source
- Cooling systems (ice fields, purpose-built constructions, industry and energetics)
- Incinerators with cogeneration energy use (communal, pharmaceutic, hospital and special)
- Secondary circuit/ engine rooms of nuclear power plants
- Back-up sources of electric power, units of coolness and cooling technology, low- and high-pressure compressor stations
- Preparation of investment intentions, feasibility studies, assemblage, commissioning, post-warranty service

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